There’s no better way to show you our successful HMO formula than by sharing our clients’ stories.

Find out how we’ve created sustainable, cashflow positive portfolios for our clients and how it’s changed lives.

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Richard has had experience in property investments before but had never invested in Perth. All the research he did pointed to the fact that Perth would be a great investment location, so he purchased his first WA home in December 2021. Hear his experience and how he’s so chuffed he’s now getting ready for house 2 and 3 to start!


Based in NSW, David and Julianne began their investment journey with The HMO Property Co a couple of years ago. They’re now up to property number 4! Hear about their journey and how it’s changed their lives.

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Finding The HMO Property Co has been life-changing for me. I used to manage my properties on my own, but being able to trust the team to find tenants, keep my property well maintained and keep me up to date with everything that's happening with my three properties has saved me a lot of time and energy, which I now get to spend focusing on my career and other investments. Everything from communication, renovations, furniture packs, styling, to tenant placement, room turnaround and rental income has been of such a high standard that I couldn't be more thrilled.