Our vision is to create 10,000 rooms in 10 years providing a win-win for investors, housemates and our environment.

Our mission & our people

Our belief is that if a goal doesn’t make you feel fearful about how you’ll achieve it, it isn’t big enough! Our mission is 10,000 rooms in 10 years. It’s a lofty goal that we’re committed to because we know it’s win-win for investors, housemates and the environment.


Focused on achieving our mission. We know that by achieving it we’ll also be creating sustainable accommodation options in Perth, finding people stylish, affordable homes to live in, and helping our investors create financial freedom through cashflow positive investing.

The win-win approach is something we embrace. In fact, it’s the only way we do business.

our people



Our values

The HMO Property Co is built on trust and we value relationships above all else. The team is empowered by the following values, which are incorporated into daily, weekly, monthly and yearly goals.


Neil created The HMO Property Co after identifying a gap in the West Australian property market. He is committed to sustainability, passionate about relationships and connections and truly believes there is a smarter way to live and invest.

Together with his wife Jo, Neil has built The HMO Property Co substantially over the past five years - achieving 100% year-on-year growth in a saturated market.

Neil and Jo’s vision of providing 10,000 rooms in 10 years has so far resulted in over 500 West Australians finding safe, stylish and affordable accommodation while providing over 90 investors with outstanding return on investment and cashflow positive assets.

Led by Neil, HMO’s caring, and purpose-focused teams are successfully filling the gap between social housing and the private rental market in a respectful, compassionate, and innovative way.


With over 10 years’ experience in marketing for some of the world’s biggest brands, and a passion for interior design and styling, Jo effortlessly creates beautiful homes for our investors and housemates.

Committed to pioneering a revolution in co-living, Jo’s design-led approach creates unique, functional, stylish homes where people can live and play.

Jo also heads up the property management arm of The HMO Property Co, making investing with us hands-free and stress-free. She’s also in charge of recruiting passion-fuelled team members committed to helping our vision come true.


Our gorgeous HMO Property Co mascots, Vinny and Bronson makes everyone’s days a little brighter as they walk around the office looking for cuddles.


Combining his lifelong passion for construction, and property development with his consummate expertise, Troy Felt is committed and determined to achieve success within the industry. Raised by dedicated professionals, Troy knew from age nine that he wanted to build and create with the same zeal and hard work shown by his family. Having already begun to grow his property portfolio as a teenager, Troy took his love for property to the next level became one of the largest construction and development companies in Western Australia. Troy’s unimpeachable sense of ethics, integrity, and unwavering drive to build success for stakeholders makes him an invaluable member of the HMO team. Superpower: sixth sense for property about to come onto market


Our longest-serving employee, Kayla is the office guru who knows everything about everything - in a good way! She makes sure we work as efficiently as possible by creating and refining our processes, overseeing the property management arm, managing our remote employees, advertising our co-living spaces and generally being invaluable.


Ethan is our Assistant Property Developer here at The HMO Property Co. Every day looks a little bit different with Ethan doing anything from council lodgements for development, researching suitable sites, fire and safety assessments for our investment properties, feasibility studies, and depreciation schedules for clients. Ethan also assists with the IT for our homes and is behind the camera on our virtual home tours.


Who better to project manage our HMO renovations than a mum? Prioritising, negotiating and keeping clients up-to-speed on building progress are Mel’s much-appreciated strengths. She calmly and professionally quotes and manages simultaneous renovations, maximising investment outcomes for our clients.


Scott is our buyer’s agent for The HMO Property Co. As an experienced investor and property developer, he has a good eye for investment opportunities that’s resulted in a strong history of success and has earned him the respect throughout the industry. Scott consistently produces outstanding results through his knowledge, networks and out-of-the-box thinking.


Kylie makes sure all the communications and marketing decisions align to the 10,000 rooms in 10 years objective goal. With a couple of decades experience dealing with some of the branding heavyweights, she brings a wealth of strategic communications knowledge to The HMO Property Co.


Jess organises the furniture packs for all our homes and styles the bedrooms for viewings. She organises our homes so that all housemates have allocated shelves and all pull their weight in the co-living set-up by organising bin rosters and all that fun stuff! Jess also coordinates our cleaning teams and contractors to ensure our properties are cleaned fortnightly, providing well-presented homes for our housemates to live in.


Keeping it in the family, Paula (Jo’s mum) heads up our Property Management Team. Responsible for managing our northern suburbs properties, Paula ensures the best possible outcomes for our investors and housemates by making certain rooms are filled, rents are paid on time, and our properties are fully functional at all times


Wanting a complete change from a 30-year career in the hotel and restaurant industry, Jennifer has joined the team to service our northern suburbs properties. With customer service as a superpower Jennifer loves developing rapport with housemates, trouble-shoots any issues with housemates or properties and is committed to investment outcomes by ensuring rooms are filled, rents are paid on time, and our properties are safe and clean at all times.


Loving the variety that every day brings was the reason Manny decided to take the leap into Property Management. From finding accommodation for people, through to carrying out property condition reports for investors, and speaking with a housemates, no two days are ever the same. Manny comes from many years in the hospitality industry and as a self-proclaimed 'people-person' he's perfectly placed to embrace the role of Property Manager.


New to our Property Management Team, Katherine joins us after years in the customer service industry and will work closely with Paula and Margot to ensure the best possible outcomes for our investors and housemates.


Who best to manage our social media platforms and podcast content than a millennial?! Grace creates and schedules our posts, is our resident photographer and videographer, and knows her way around a podcast set-up.


Jo is our go-to financial guru who makes sure everything is lining up from a numbers perspective. Cashflow, accounts, paying the team, keeping us accountable for budgets is totally her jam and she's great at it!


Michelle is a Property Manager, responsible for our investment properties in the northern suburbs. She's new to the company but is fitting in well and getting the hang of property management and all it entails. She's responsive, proactive and love to be on the go. She also loves a bit of control and loves it when things run smoothly.


Another of our Property Managers, Jessica is quite new to the company but has fit in superbly and it's like she's been here forever. She loves chatting with our tenants and troubleshooting any issues that tenants or investors may be having with a property. She also loves rocking out the tunes to her Spotify playlist which is great given the amount of distance she covers each day!


Jose brings a wealth of international experience to the HMO team. Ranging from a law degree through to Business Development and Project Management, Jose’s knowledge makes him a very valuable addition to our team. Whilst Jose will be focusing on the sales and business development side of HMO, we’re already seeing the benefits his previous experience brings.


Jacob is one of those can't live without team members (well, all of ours are, but you know what we mean!) Jacob assists our property management team in the tenant application process, creating and extending agreements with tenants, making sure move-in and move-out dates are up-to-date in our database and doing the ever-important and never-ending filing into our paperless systems. He's also our go-to when we get swamped and need additional support.


Never a dull moment in Sylvia's workdays as she successfully juggles Neil's diary and ever-expanding commitments! Sylvia is a great addition to the team, bringing a wealth of organisation, love of systems and processes and calm to the office.