Episode 11 – Shared Housing Insights from the Easst Coast and Beyond with Mark Baker

Joining me today is Mark Baker; East Coast rooming house expert. With over a decade of experience in this style of housing, Mark truly has a wealth of knowledge to share with us. This episode covers the changing trends in Australian shared housing from the 90’s to today as well as future trend predictions. Europe and the UK have been a fantastic learning ground for us Australians, but what’s happening over East offers an exciting insight into the opportunities that lay ahead for West Australians. If you’d like to learn more about tenant demographics, state-by-state policies, and the crucial difference between class 1a, 1b and class 3 buildings, then this episode is for you!

About Mark Baker: Mark Baker is a full time property investor, rooming house specialist and owner of Rooming House Expert.

Rooming House Expert specializes in the development, conversion and operation of rooming houses. Mark has been involved in the conversion of a number of older homes to rooming houses and project managed the building of new ones. Mark is a licensed real estate agent and has an excellent knowledge of the sections of the National Construction Code and Residential Tenancies Act relevant to rooming houses.

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