Episode 4 – How to manage a HMO with Jo Gibb

Our Property Management service is the jewel in our crown. Today I speak with my amazing wife, founder and Managing Director of The JNG Property Group, Jo Gibb, to discover why the property management piece of the puzzle is so important. Jo will talk us through why HMO Property Managers are not your average property managers, how – through specialised training – they are able to ensure happy, harmonious households, and why the property management fee is something you’ll learn to love, not hate! We’re sure this episode will give you a newfound respect for all property managers out there! Website: Instagram: @the_hmo_property_co FaceBook: The HMO Property Co LinkedIn: The HMO Property Co YouTube: The HMO Property Co TikTok: thehmopropertyco_ FaceBook Group: Perth HMO and NDIS High Cashflow Investment Properties