Who Lives in a HMO

Houses of Multiple Occupation (HMOs) are often misconceived as low socio-economic housing. However, reality paints a different picture, especially considering the needs of essential workers. Anglicare Australia’s report on essential workers’ housing affordability reveals a stark crisis. Essential workers, the backbone of our communities, struggle with increasing rent prices, far outpacing their wage growth.

Our HMOs defy these stereotypes at The HMO Property Co, providing quality, affordable housing to a diverse tenant base, including essential workers. We focus on creating a supportive, community-driven environment, aligning with our mission to offer everyone safe and affordable accommodation.

The typical residents in an HMO range from young professionals and students to older individuals seeking community. They’re not just tenants; they’re baristas, retail workers, nurses, teachers, doctors, cyber security professionals, accountants, and more, all crucial to the fabric of our society. Anglicare’s report highlights that only a fraction of available rentals are affordable for these essential workers, underscoring HMOs’ vital role in providing reasonable living solutions.

Our approach at The HMO Property Co is not just about renting spaces; it’s about fostering communities where residents support and uplift each other, forming bonds beyond mere cohabitation. This harmonious living is achieved through our meticulous property management and selection process, ensuring that each HMO is more than just a house but a home for our residents.

I recorded a podcast about the essential workers’ report; you can check it out here.

The situation depicted in the Anglicare report is concerning but serves as a catalyst for us to strengthen our resolve to provide affordable, quality housing. Our HMOs offer a viable solution to the crisis as a beacon of hope for essential workers and others facing the harsh realities of the rental market.

In conclusion, HMOs are only one of the last-resort housing options they’re often thought to be. They are inclusive, supportive communities providing essential workers and others with a place to survive and thrive. By dispelling myths and offering tangible solutions, we at The HMO Property Co are proud to contribute positively to the lives of our tenants, giving them a place to build a better future.